Religion and Darwinism

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Jonathan Camilleri AP English Language 8/21/14

"Should church and state be separated? Is theocracy a stable, just option of government?"

After researching both sides of the argument, I believe that church and state should be separated, and that theocracy isn't a suitable option of government.

The definition of theocracy is: "a government operated by religious authorities who claim unlimited power in the name of God or other supernatural forces"; or literally broken down it means God (Theo)-government (cracy). The Greeks were the first to use this new style of Government, and worship the Olympian Gods in the first century. However, the most commonly known example of a theocratic government was the Kings of Pharaonic Egypt, especially since Ramses the Great was recognized as a living god. However, all these great Empires shared something in common; they all worshipped a divine or divine beings. The creation of these Gods made it easier for idealists to manipulate people into believing that they're too God-like and have power over the people.

However, due to a neoteric Government being formed, a government which allows the people free will, the idea of theocracy being a sustainable method of governing has been diminished. The choice of free will and people's lives are now far more important than sustaining a stable government, under the influence of a God and keeping peace.

I am arguing against Theocracy as being a stable option of Government, mainly due to each theocratic government using fear as a weapon to control people. Every religion has had some guide to the 'perfect life'; these guides have either been written by God himself (the Qur'an) or by deities and spiritual people (the Bible). Most people believe have lived their lives with through the aid of these Holy Books. However, overtime people learn to...