Religion and Depression

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I'm sure that everyone has felt depressed at one time or another. I know that I have. When I'm feeling depressed, I feel so empty inside. I know that I'm not the only one who has felt that way. Everybody gets sad--some people just feel that way more often than others. Some people find a way out. Then again, some people don't. I got out, and I'm proud of myself. With the help of God, anybody can overcome their depression.

I first fell into depression when I was 14. I was so upset with my life, and I was angry and frustrated. I hated myself. I was made fun of, and my peers called me a freak. My best friends Katie and Samantha, who were Atheists, got me into Wicca, which is a witches' religion and practice. Katie taught me spells to put on my torturers. However, one spell that I had cast backfired.

It was supposed to make my enemy move away, but instead, it made Samantha move away. Other spells started to go haywire. When I had tried to make Katie's crush like me, Katie got angry, and told me that she never wanted to see me ever again. To this day, I have not spoken to her.

After I had lost Katie, I was tortured more than ever. Jessica, who was the enemy I had tried to cast the spell on, harassed me to the point where I wanted to kill her and myself. I started to make plans--and my will. I kept a box locked in my room. This box contained my spells, my will, and all of my plans to kill myself. I came home from school one day to find my secret box broken into. My mom was sitting on the floor, going...