Religion And Movies

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Religion and Movies Religion in movies is a widely talked about issue. There are several movies that have sacrilegious content, maybe even demonic. Such movies as Dogma, Stigmata, and End of Days have brought about controversy in the Catholic churches and don't portray our religion properly. But movies such as Prince of Egypt, and Jesus Christ Superstar look to the true side of God's grace and teach us about our faith. Some movies, like The Matrix have symbolic meanings in them. Each of these films stated are related to religion whether it be in a good way, a bad way or a symbolic way as is going to be stated later on. We will be talking mostly about the Matrix.

Jesus Christ Superstar in my opinion portrayed religion very well. It may not have been accurate at all, but the message of everything that Jesus did and everything that was done to him remained intact.

When the actor portraying Jesus in the movie shut down the market because it was full of sin, it was like how Jesus went into a place of worship and shut it down because it had become a house of thieves. This movie was just meant to appeal to more of a younger generation and it did a good job at that. I think Andrew Lloyd Webber did an excellent job with this film.

The Prince of Egypt was also conveyed religion very well. It mainly covered the Exodus book of the bible and it did not deny God's major part in freeing the Israelites. It also showed children, in a clear and simple manner, what happened during the times before Jesus. This is a breath of fresh air since God is being shut out of media, as society is becoming more homogeneous. This movie...