Religion and Stem Cell Research

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If only everyone could agree on this certain topic, Stem-cell research is one of the most controversial topics today. People are caught up in the beliefs of the church and moralities, what the people do not realize is that this research helps people live and gives life to those who may not have a fighting chance. Why should everyone base their whole thought process on what a church says or someone who has a bias towards something they do not know because the bible tells them? This is not a rant or a bash on the church but a question everyone must ask.

The church believes the research should not be done. "Catholic Leaders including Pope John Paul II and U.S. Bishops had implored the president to reject such funding." This quote comes directly from the Catholic Church's website. It talks about President Bush's decision to allow and fund stem cell research. The only real big controversy in the Church is the fact that the research uses aborted fetuses and cloning is one of the products of the research. The church does not want people playing god by cloning organs or any living being. The Pope is against the research because of every different way the research can go. He does not believe people should be able to create other humans or animals without conception. The church backs him one hundred percent. They believe that this is god's work and doctors and scientists are not god so they should not create. Their argument is that it took seven day to create earth for a reason. In addition, that Adam and Eve were put on this earth to populate the world and not having it done in a laboratory. The biggest concern for the church is theses two things. No...