Religion In Australia

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Choose two religious traditions and evaluate the common elements in religious expression and world views in Australia today.

Australia is a multicultural society and along with this fact come many religions. Christianity, the largest religious tradition in Australia, settled in 1788, when the First Fleet arrived on the continent?s shore. Islam was established in the nineteenth century, when camel drivers became important for navigating the rough outback terrain. Muslims and Christians share many common elements in their religious expression and their world views, in Australia today. They are both monotheistic religions; therefore they have similar belief systems, rituals, sacred text and space. Some world issues such as the view of the environment, sexuality and the role of women in society are shared with common opinions. Religious expression and world views have enormous significance, in both traditions recognised in Australia today.

Monotheism defines, Christianity and Islam in Australia today. The belief in one God unites these two traditions throughout the world.

Taken from the Six Articles of Belief, Muslims believe that ?God is one and this is Allah?. Christians recite the Nicene Creed, which begins with, ?We believe in one God, the Father, the Almighty??. Without this, the Christian and Islamic traditions would be enormously different. Therefore the binding belief between Christians and Muslims in Australia today, is extremely significant in each religious tradition.

The basic questions surrounding all religions are the central beliefs Islam and Christianity share in common. The two traditions respond to the question of life similarly. They both believe that God gave life to human beings and that they are responsible for their own destiny. ?The purpose of life is to bring creation to fulfilment and to share fully in God?s life.?: this is the Christian belief , which is just like the Muslims who...