Religion Is Becomming A Cultural Fifth Wheel

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Throughout history people have followed ethics based on their cultures and practiced their religion thoroughly. Though it is obvious that in the older days people took religion very seriously, now as generations pass by we can see that religion is becoming a cultural fifth wheel. This may be for different reasons such as people are losing faith in God by the events that are happening around the world, people try to view things from a logical point of view which may eventually lead to Atheism, or simply because the world is modernizing and the new generation isn?t being encourage to practice their religion.

One reason that religion is becoming a fifth cultural wheel in the society is because people tend to lose faith in God due to the events happening around the world such as wars between nations. It is true that one may say God is putting us to test but the majority (who have been practicing their religion according to the word of Deity) may question the fact that what have they done wrong to deserve such horror.

In result they tend to have doubts about their religion and God and this may lead to the parents not teaching or passing the religion and culture to their children and the new generation. This happens because humans have ?The Free Will Defence?, meaning that they have the choice to think and do whatever they want. As Hume said we can tell that God exist just by looking around us (the world and things that God has created), and yes people may believe that he/she/it exists buy they choose not to follow or worship God because of many events that occur in their life such as wars as I mentioned above. On the other hand another things that make...