Religion in Chronicle of a Death Foretold, evidence and examples on how the people of the community are hypocrites in their religion.

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Marquez thinks that the people of the community are hypocrites in religion because of the strong adherence in some areas and great leniency in others. The reader can tell this by the actions of the townspeople and clergy.

Evidence: "It was a fleeting illusion: the bishop began to make the sign of the cross in the air opposite the crowd on the pier, and he kept on doing it mechanically afterwards, without malice or inspiration, until the boat was lost from view and all that remained was the uproar of the roosters"(pg. 19).

Warrant: This quote is an example of the wavering devotion that the clergy and the people show to religion. On this day of blessing, the Bishop does not see it necessary to do more than give the sign of the cross, and the blessings are mechanical. This activity of going through the motions of religion but not taking it to heart is visible all throughout the story: Santiago Nasar goes to greet the Bishop after returning from a brothel a few hours before.

Evidence: "Bayardo San Roman didn't enter, but softly pushed his wife into the house without speaking a word"(pg. 52).

Warrant: Again, this quote exemplifies the way in which some aspects of religion are ignored and some have great emphasis put on them. When Roman finds out that his new bride is not a virgin, he returns her. She is beaten savagely, and her brothers are called from the brothel to come defend the family's honor. This hypocrisy of what they feel is sinful and what isn't is also found in the murder of Nasar: upholding the honor is righteous, and in doing so the sin of murdering Nasar is downplayed.

Evidence: "My sister the nun, who wasn't going to wait for...