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Religion Essay for History The three religions that I chose to do this paper on are Christianity, Islam, and Satanism. Christianity and Islam are big religions but Satanism is not. People don't usefully know much about Satan. Now lets see how these religions are different and the same from each other.

Satanism is about indulgence meaning basically if you like to do something then does it. Christianity is the exact opposite teaching absences. Islam is all about being in service all the time or something. Satanists have sins just like Christians and Muslims. But they are all different in certain ways. There are also 9 satanic statements and the 11 rules to live by on earth. Unlike Islam and Christianity, Satanism is polytheistic. At least I think it is anyway. Even though it teaches about you being the god ?Satan?. If you get into the magic and stuff there are other gods like the fire god that can only be raised with the original Necronamicon because supposedly in the new versions they leave stuff out so you don't raise a fire god and get in trouble.

Satanist say hail Satan meaning hail me because Satan is a type of person under certain secomstanes. It?s hard to explain in a way. Christianity and Islam think of them self's too much. But with Satanism you?re the god.

People confuse devil worship with Satanism. They hear the word Satan and their brainwashed mind says ?Satan bad stay away.? So everyone thinks Satan is the devil. People are always talking about diversity and all that stuff. But no one ever gives a Satanist a chance. That's why some of them say they are atheists because people would not like them for it. That's getting bad. When someone lies about there religion so they...