Religion Essay- How ancient is religion?

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"Is it the religious nature of people which separates them out from the other animals? In prehistoric people this religious nature is seen most clearly in their burial practices."Religion has existed since the dawn of humanity. Religion is what separated this highly evolved species from the animal. Religion is the belief in a Divine being or powers that beyond the human which possibly dwells inside the individual. Religion is our guidelines in life it helps direct and show our purpose in life and help make moral decisions.

One of the main characteristics associated with religion are rituals and ceremonies. During the time of Peking human and Swanscombe human which dated 700 000 to 300 000 years ago, many events which believed to happen was passed down through history through actions and rituals. These movements represented a story to the new learners which in time was recreated to a younger generation.

Much of these religious beliefs were recorded in cave paintings and carvings which are evident today. Some of these paintings represent a divine being more powerful then the human.

Like in contemporary society, when a loved one has passed on we usually hold a funeral in dedication of their honour. In most cases we bury people in coffins after a religious mass. Prehistoric people did very similar things hundreds and thousands of years ago. Once a person had died they to were buried in the ground. This was due to interest because there was no animal that did the same thing. This was to illustrate the human's power as a dominating creature and to be unique. Other studies could also prove that human were buried just to remove their bodies from bad smells and infectious diseases produced during the decomposition of the being. During the burial significant items were placed...