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Since the begining of time and life on Earth, people have asked questions about life and their place on

Earth. Wondered why evil and suffering exist, how the world came into existence and how it might end.

Above all they have asked if there is a god or whether events just roll on forever without purpose or end.

The world as we have always known it, is a devastating and frightening place. Illness, death and old age, storms, cyclones, floods and droughts, wars, sufferage, torture, poverty and pain. We are left only to feel helpless in the face of such disasters, which is why most people devote themselves to faith in a phenomenon or power, greater than human ability and understanding, which can guide, protect and give us hope in time of need. This faith, or belief is defined as RELIGION. However it would be wrong to limit religion to be defined as just faith.

Religion is more then that, it's a way of life.

For years scholars have attempted to define the term only to be challeged by their peers who reluctantly point out how particular definitions fail to capture the totality of religion. THEN WHAT IS RELIGION? Even though we have trouble defining what religion really is, without doubt everyone of us could truthfully say that we have experienced and shared the bewilderment of the "religious".

A wedding ceremony, a funeral, a birth, a disaster, while watching the sun rise or set. Strolling along the beach or standing in a place of worship. During times of war, of peace, of fear and of joy, in sickness and in health.

As we laugh or as we we think, as we dream, as we eat or as we sleep. Religion is a part of every aspect of...