Religion In Ireland

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Timeline Of basic Irish history · 8000 B.C.- First humans arrive in Ireland.

· 4000 B.C.- Irish tribes move inland to begin farming and raising livestock.

· 2000 B.C.- The Bronze Age begins in Ireland, settlers from what are now Portugal, Spain, and France come to the island in search of copper and other minerals. The Irish tribes begin trading with other European people.

· 300 B.C.- The first Celts arrive in Ireland.

· 835- The Vikings invade Ireland, destroying settlements and murdering farmers and Monks.

· 1002- Brian Boru becomes Ireland's first Christian high king.

· 1170- Strongbow leads the first wave of Norman invaders at Waterford.

· 1171- Henry II, king of England, declares himself king of Ireland.

· 1300- The Normans control most of Ireland.

· 1534- British king Henry VIII tries to impose Protestantism on Catholic Ireland.

· 1558- Elizabeth I become queen of England and increases persecution on Catholics.

· 1590-1602- The Irish and British clash in the northern part of Ireland.

· 1603-1625- British king James I establishes Ulster plantation, a settlement for Scottish and English Protestants in the northern part of Ireland.

· 1641- Irish peasants rise up against British settlers.

· 1649- 1652- Oliver Cromwell crushes uprisings and banishes Irish landowners to the western province of Connaught.

· 1685- James II, a Catholic, assumes the English throne and ends many of the restrictions on Irish Catholics.

· 1688- The British Parliament takes the crown away from James II and proclaims William of Orange, a Protestant, king.

· 1695- The British enact penal laws, which deprive the Irish Catholics of civil rights and religious freedom.

· 1800- The act of the Union makes Ireland part of Great Britain.

· 1823-1843- Daniel O'Connell, the "Liberator of Ireland", fights for civil rights for Irish...