Is religion a justification for fighting?

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Religion has been created to explain the unexplainable. For thousands of years, countless number of people had jeopardized their lives for their beliefs in a particular religion. Since men were able to express their ideas, religion had been the cause of fighting for example, the Crusades. Unfortunately people had used religion as a justification for fighting. Therefore the men who interpret the religion states, that killing innocent lives and looting is all justified and legal, as long as they are doing it for their religion, but in all other cases it's a crime against humanity. Religious beliefs and principles do not justify war, just because one-person states that God had told them to fight and fight they shall is conspicuously unintelligent. Warfare destroys lives, using religion, as an excuse to murder countless victims is a mind-boggling question because violence should not be administered because of a religious conflict. War does not solve anything, only the cause of destruction.

The Crusades is a shining example of a conflict that flourished from a difference in religions. The Europeans had called their Christian army more civilized then to the so called infidels they are fighting. An army of being more civilized then the enemy, can also be state as propoganda. No religion has a right to declare war on each other just because of "holy" land. The Pope had asked the people to fight in an unknown territory to regain the holy lands, in which if one does so, his sins will be forgiven. People left their wives, children, parents, family, and friends to fight in this "Holy War" just because the Pope had declared that fighting is forgivable and will enter heaven after death. (Doc 5) People die in wars, there is no way that can be undone, or...