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Judges Chapters 13-16

January 28, 2004


Israel does evil in the eyes of the Lord

Israel ruled by Philistines for 40 years

(Sampson was judge 20 years of Philistine rule)

Sampson's dad's name- MANOAH - Danite, Lived in Zorah

Sampson's mom - UNNAMED - Sterile- Spoke with THE ANGEL OF THE LORD

Instructions from the ANGEL OF THE LORD to SAMPSON'S MOM

1.You're sterile and childless

2.Going to conceive a child

3.Instructed Mom not to drink wine or fermented drink

4.Instructed not to eat anything unclean

5.Promised Mom a son

6.Instructed Mom not to let a razor be put on his head

7.Son to be a Nazirite - Set apart to God from birth

8.Will begin the deliverance of Israel from the Philistines

Samson's Mom relayed this information to Manoah

Manoah prayed to God for a second visitation of THE ANGEL OF THE LORD

ANGEL OF THE LORD returned a second time to give instructions over again to Manoah.

ANGEL OF THE LORD offered food - He refused

Manoah offered a grain offering on a rock

ANGEL OF THE LORD ascended into the flames and disappeared

Manoah thought he and his wife were going to die

Wife assured him they would not

Wife conceived and bore a son

Names the son SAMPSON

SAMPSON grew and the Lord blessed him

SPIRIT OF THE LORD began to stir in him

Sampson lived in Dan, between Zorah and Eshtaol


Went to Timnah

Found beautiful Philistine woman

Asked Mother and Father if he could have her to wife

Parents warned him he was not to marry uncircumcised people

Sampson demanded she be his wife

Sampson and parents went to Timnah to ask...