Religion in Schools

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Religion is a much needed aspect to make the world go around. Without it we have nothing to live or look forward to. Having religion involved in school curriculum has been a main issue for many years and will always be an ongoing controversy. After the early 1960's when prayer and Bible readings were banned from all public schools problems have just become greater. Congress passed this law to eliminate the anger it was causing to non-religious people in our society, yet; of course, it has only caused problems among the religious people. Finally, people are realizing that the ban of religion from school maybe wasn't the best decision, and it is slowly creeping its way back into our schools.

Many people say that it offends them and their kids when people begin to pray or quote scripture in a classroom. Kids say they feel pressured or obligated to pray when their teacher and fellow classmates begin to do so.

Yet, kids don't have to do anything they don't want to do. I figure if a kid can make the decision to never do their homework or any assignments they can also make the decision not to pray if they don't feel led to. Granted there are many people and teachers out their that come on very strong and persuasive due to the fact that they are very dedicated to their beliefs and want to share their found love and happiness with the rest of the world. Kids were afraid that if they didn't become involved in prayer times that they may become penalized on their overall grade in the class. These parents, mostly non-religious people, felt this was extremely unfair to their children. This was the basis upon which religion was banned from public schools.

Ever since this point...