Religion Studies - Therapeutic human cloning needs to be made available to all people, regardless of financial or economic position, when it becomes frantically available.

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The process of therapeutic requires the use of human embryos; ultimately destroying a human life. This is considered unethical by the church as the catholic view strongly believes that life begins at conception. The Christian view does not support the scientist's concept of "playing god". Embryos are human life, and destroying it for scientific research deeply raises moral concerns. Doing this will impede the notion of the Christian principles and eliminate the means of the natural process. It is morally wrong to alter the process of one's forthcoming outcome. It is not our place as humans to actually play God, and try to recreate organs. In Christianity such things are unheard of and are seen as morally incorrect. Using a clone of any human type to save the life of another can also be seen as unethical. The cost of therapeutic cloning is also overwhelmingly expensive for anyone with an average wage, which ultimately plays in the hands for the rich and wealthy.

Human cloning is the use of technology to make an exact copy of a living thing. Therapeutic cloning, also known as somatic cell transfer, involves producing embryonic stem cells for therapeutic purposes (specific body parts, and organs). It is the process whereby the nucleus is extracted from the skin of a patient and inserted into an egg, developing into an embryo. From this, scientists can use this embryo to grow tissues and also remove stem cells from this. The goal of this process is not to create cloned human beings, but to essentially harvest stem cells that can be used to study human development and to treat disease.

Therapeutic cloning has the potential to impact health access, health outcomes, and future research on various diseases. There are many other benefits in which therapeutic cloning can assist...