Religions found in literary works and across the world.

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Three works of literature have many key ideas, and most of them can be found to compare and contrast with each other. Religion is a major idea through the world; there are many varieties and various denominations. Each religion has their views and beliefs that are spread through the followers of each particular religion. In Siddhartha, a book by Hermann Hesse, it shows a variation between Buddhism and atheist. In The Odyssey, a book by a Greek poet Homer, it shows the belief in Greek Mythology and Polytheism. In Emerson's essay he varies between Christianity and Atheist. All of these works are tied together in many ways, but in other ways are completely different.

In The Odyssey, the characters believe in mythical Greek gods, and Titans who rule the human world. Gods are constantly interrupting and controlling people with rewards and punishment. Athena is one of the gods who rewards Odysseus, and Poseidon is one the gods who punishes him.

This is and example of polytheism, or the belief of more than one god.

In Siddhartha, by Hermann Hesse, shows Buddhism and a type of Atheist. Siddhartha goes on a journey to achieve nirvana or peace and his friend becomes a monk and follows the Buhhda. Siddhartha rejects all he was taught as a child and makes his own self journey, following first the Samanas, and the Buddhist, the realizing self-reliance was the only way to achieve nirvana and he falls into secular ways, but is delivered from them in a dream and goes and studies the river where through experience, thinking for himself, and self-reliance he achieves nirvana or peace with in himself.

Emerson's essay's go into deep detail about not being a parrot of copying other people's ideas as Odysseus did by conforming to Greek...