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Judaism is the oldest religion in the world.

These are only 15 million people, who

believe in Judaism. The bible of Judaism

is called the Torah. It has 5 parts. The most

important text in the Torah is the Ten

Commandments called the Decalogue. It includes

ten commandments gave to Moses from the

God on the Sinai Mountain.

1.I am Jahwe, your God, who made you free

from Egyptians captivity

2.Don't believe in any other god

3.Don't tell My name when you're lying or

when it's unnecessary

4.Remember about the Sabbath day. Six days you'll

be working, but on seventh day you'll rest and pray

5.Be good for your mother and father

6.Don't kill

7.Don't adultery

8.Don't steal

9.Don't lye

10.Don't covet your neighbour's wife and any thing,

that belongs to him Believers of Judaism call Jews.

Priers of Judaism are called kohens. They make

services in Jew's temple, called Synagogue.

In a Synagogue there is always characteristic

seven-branch candlestick, called menorah.

There are two important events in Jew's religion.

When a boy is 13, or a girl is 12, they become

bar micwah, son of commandment, that is mature

Jew. Second event is marriage, called kiddeshin.

The most famous Jew's praying place is the Wall

of Crying. Jews can pray there. Very famous synagogue

is the Dome. Jews has got their own calendar. It

includes 12 months, but 7 times in every 19 years

they add one supplementary month. Months in

Jew's calendar are called:













Supplementary month is called Adar Szeni, what

means "second Adar".


The most characteristic point of Christianity

is belief in Jesus Christ, the son of God. He

was born in Bethlehem in Palestine. In Greek

language Jesus' name is IHSOYS. In the first

age B.C. rulers of Palestine were Romans.

Jews believed, that the Messiah will come

and free them from the Romans' captivity.

Messiah means ritesed, in Greek "christos".

It's the source of "Christ" name. Parables,

then He was making, attracted a lot of people,

who was going with Him around Palestine.

Jesus didn't call them to fight with Romans,

but to live in peace and love. He advocated,

that the prize for being good is living forever

in the Heaven. You can get there only after

death. Jesus told, that His kingdom isn't in

this world. There was people, who didn't

believe, that Jesus is the Messiah. One of His

students, Judas was unfaithful to Jesus and

told Romans, which man is Jesus, by kissing

Him. They gave him some money for that.

He went to Pilat, Romans' judge. Pilat told,

That Jesus isn't gilty, but Jews told him to

sentence Jesus. The judge did it and told

soldiers to crucify Jesus. They've done it

and Jesus died. On the third day He rised

from the death and went to His father, to

the heaven. From that time, the cross

is the symbol of Christianity. After Jesus'

death his students was going around the

world, and was teaching people, about

Jesus and his words. Jesus' words was

drown up by four Jesus' students: Mathew,

Mark, Luke and John. That four books are

called the Gospel. On the begin of Christianity,

Romans didn't condemn the new religion.

In 64th year A.C. the emperor of Rome,

Neron accused Christians of setting up

the fire in Rome. Picking up on Christians

began. Every Christian, who didn't want to

disown Jesus was killed, by giving to lions

as a food.


Arab migrates worshiped The Holy Black

Stone, that was in Mecca, Arab city. In

Mecca, there were Jews and Christians too.

They were often talking about their religions.

Somebody was listening to them willingly.

He was called Mahomet later. He liked the

theory, that in the world is only one God, who

you can't see. Once upon the time the archangel

Gabriel came to Mahomet and he told him, to be

the prophet of God. He started learning people.

He was talking, that is only one God and his name

is Allah. He had a lot of prophets before: Abraham,

Moses, Jesus, but now the prophet of Allah is

Mahomet. Allah is the fair God and people must

afraid only him and do everything what he tells.

It's the reason, why Mahomet called the new

religion Islam, what in Arabic language means:

"doing everything what the God tells". Rules

of Islam was written by Mahomet to the Muslims'

bible - the Koran. All Muslims must pray to Allah

five times on every day. They must be turned to

Mecca then. People called muezzins are calling

Muslims to praying from a tower called minaret,

Situated next to a mosque. Before they go into

a mosque they must pull off their shoes and wash

themselves. They believe, that they go into a holy

area and they don't want to desecrate it. They must

give a charity for poor people and fast in every month

called Ramadan. Every Muslim must come to Mecca

one time in his life. The most important thing is

repeating the holy words: "it is no god except

Allah and Mahomet is his prophet".