Religious to excess beyond any other nation- Herodotus

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"The Egyptians are religious to excess beyond any other nation"- Herodotus.

The Ancient Egyptians were in existence over 4000 years ago. They were average people, much like us in the sense that they had a set of morals and a belief structure. For a nation that lived long ago they were remarkably advanced in their technology and knowledge. However as Herodotus stated they were excessively religious. This has been proven through the ampleness of their gods, superstitions and religious practices. Religious practices influenced their lives greatly and undoubtedly changed the way in which the Egyptians as a civilization grew. There were hundreds of gods that went by many different names and reined over many different aspects of day-to-day Egyptian life. Ancient Egyptians tried to understand their place in the universe and their beliefs center itself on nature, the earth, moon, sky, sun, stars and the Nile River. The pharaohs were key dictators, as they were seen to have a divine connection to the gods.

Priests also played their part in the dictatorship. Despite all that we have learned from the Egyptians and all that they have given us, we have to question their judgment in blindly believing what was told to them.

The Egyptian belief structure revolved around the belief of more than one god. This is known as polytheism. Their practicing of this religion meant that they were a very accepting and non-judgmental people. They practiced as a group and their everyday activities revolved around religious practices. They attempted to understand themselves and to understand where they came from. Ancient Egyptian religion states that in the beginning of time everything began with Nu. Nu is the description of what the planet was before the land appeared. Nu was a vast swirling watery chaos and as the floods receded...