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Around the world many people have claimed that they have had a religious experience where they have been in the presence or in contact, or both with a God. But do these occurrences prove that there is a God? In this essay I intend to weigh the possibilities.

'...Jane, a sceptic believer in God, suddenly wakes up in a cold sweat to find her window still open. She shuts it, then goes back to sleep. Later that night Jane wakes up again and sees something an image of something beautiful, and white at her bed. Something not human. Jane is not frightened. She feels warmth, and in awe and does not deceive what she is seeing as she feels conscious. Jane looks at it. She automatically recognises it to be the Holy Spirit …Jane now is a heavy believer in God.' This seems almost absurd, many who are sceptical would state that Jane is 'crazy' and what she saw is 'just in her head'.

'How can the Holy Spirit appear just like that?' Evidentially concluding that Jane must be seeing things, and that it is an unreliable source to say that because of such an incident, it would make automatic proof for the existence of God. Though Richard Swinburne would argue against this cynical statement and describe the experience as an external religious experience where Jane was aware of the presence of the Holy Spirit near her bed. Rather than an internal religious experience where Jane had an experience where she seemed to see the Holy Spirit near her bed. Because Jane was so sure that the Holy Spirit was near her bed, and the experience was external, then Swinburne would say than the Holy Spirit was probably present, as 'what one perceives is probably so'. But does this prove...