Religious life of a Growing Christian.

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"Blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall see God"

What does it truly mean to be pure in heart? Does it mean that we are sinless and never do things wrong? Does it mean that we never give in to societal pressures, of drunkenness, or going against the will of God? Does it mean that we are fully and completely devoted to God, and only then are we pure in heart? Must you ask repeatedly that God will cleanse your heart?

All through my church upbringing purity was associated solely with sexual abstinence; that was the way to be pure. If you had relations with a person outside of wedlock, you were unclean and impure, pretty much a lost cause. Some believed that people who had sex were not good people and not pure in the sight of God.

Others associated a pure heart with daily devotions, having your quiet time with God everyday at the same time.

Then you do all the typical church activities; you never miss a church service, you volunteer in the nursery, go to all the retreats, help at youth group. However, sometimes I feel that I get more out of a quiet walk where I look at the creation of God or I talk with him than I do reading my Bible. Reading my Bible is important for c-times because we are called to study the Word. It is the book to guide us through out lives, but being pure in heart is so much more then that.

By having the mindset described above those people frown upon those that do not have the same outlook as themselves. They feel that if they do not believe the same way, then they are not true Christian. People with this outlook are very close...