Religious Right: Persuasive essay about an issue that is currently in the media, the problems it is causing and what solutions can be suggested.

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There is a growing problem within this country. A large group of Americans are set on legislating personal choice and freedoms, rather then leave them with the individuals who they affect. The problem is the Religious right in this country. The conservatists is this country, currently control the government in this country. They got President Bush elected, and now keeping them happy is his primary goal when running the country. The founding fathers started out our country on the premise that church and state are separate, but if you witness any of the speeches by our president, there will be no doubt. In a speech dated 9-20-01 Pres bush said "Freedom and fear, justice and cruelty, have always been at war, and we know that God is not neutral between them." When justifying the countries war on terrorism. He has also urged Americans to call to god and pray on occasions.

This is clearly not separating church and state. Today we are going to look at the problem with the religious right, how they got to be so prevalent is politics today, and what we can do to restore our individual freedoms.

According to a special report put out by The Economist newspaper, the number of Americas who feel religion is very important has been decreasing. In 1954 75% of Americans feel religion was very important and 20% felt it was fairly important. This year the numbers were 60% very important and 26% fairly important, yet the demographic of the religious is changing. According to the report, Born again Christians are "no longer rural hicks" The religious right has become smarter and richer then the average American. This, along with a unification of the religious front by all groups, helped create political confusion as to what issues to tackle. While...