Religious Truth

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Religion is arguably one of the most important and intensely debated topics of all time. Debates over religion have prompted wars, genocide, and worse. There are so many religions and yet people are driven to prove to their neighbor that they know the truth about religion. Christianity has for some time been the most popular religion in the world and employs the bible as its means of proving other religions wrong, using the pretext that the bible speaks truth. And yet even within a religion that is supposed to be based on love and kindness there is fierce debate and struggle between different factions over what interpretation of the bibles truth is the real truth. One of the most heated is the difference in interpretation between Catholicism and Protestantism. The early sixteenth century saw the origins of this conflict when Martin Luther broke free from the Catholic Church and began to teach his new interpretation of the bible Sonnino 40).

The two representative areas where Catholicism and Martin Luther differ about their interpretation of the bible are found in Mathew 26: 26-28, John 22: 19-20, and Romans 1: 17.The investigation of these different interpretations will make clear difference of opinion between these two factions and the idiocy of debating over non debatable topics while putting forth a theory on why they will never cease.

The late Middle Ages, during the early sixteenth century in Europe were a time of great political upheaval and religious strife. The bubonic plague that started in 1348 had ripped through Europe and in it's wake left people with little loyalty to their church or king. Up until this time Catholicism had been the only Christian religion to turn to, and turn many, if not all of Europe, did for religious guidance. The problem was...