The Reluctant Security Guard

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The case of the reluctant security guard has two sides to the story.

-Do you feel the security guard took the right action?

No. The first thing that David should have done was put his complaint in writing to make it official, most complaints that are verbal are noted but not official. David should have consulted with his coworkers and approached management as a group instead of one employee's opinion. When a group of employees voice their concerns for policy changes that affect them, they will more likely be heard and the employer will address all their concerns. There is power in numbers rather than one person trying to get a point across because David was dissatisfied with a policy change does not necessarily mean the company will change their policy to meet David's needs. David should have separated from Blue Mountain Company and went to work somewhere else.

-Would you have taken the same action? Why or why not?

I would not have taken the same action as David.

I would have talked to my co-workers put all of our concerns on paper and had everyone sign their name. I would then approach management give them the document with all of the employees concerns and ask for a meeting with management and employees. The employer was putting all their employees at risk of loosing their licenses by the new policy change. The employer was looking out for them as a stockholder and showed little respect for the stakeholders, which were the employees and the community.

- Do you feel it was unjust to fire the security guard? Why or why not?

The company has a set of guidelines for all its employees to follow. David was not an exception to this rule. David did receive a set of company...