Remember The Titans

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This story fulfills the idea of a family because of the following reasons: Warren and Justin had a good father son relationship. When Justin was 6 his father taught him how to play hockey. In 1989 Warren drove Justin and his friend Chris to a near by skate boarding site. There was a horrible accident and Justin sustained a massive head injury.

When Justin was in the hospital in a coma, his father Warren was there for him. Warren was there for Justin day in and day out. He never left his son's side. He comforted him by telling him that he loved him and that he was going to be there for him no matter what. Warren also put up posters and pictures of Justin's favorite hero John Vanbiesbrouck . He tried to make it just like home for Justin. Warren decided to do even more for Justin so he brought in John Vanbiesbrouck and Marcel Dionne to talk to Justin.

He would do what ever it took to get one of his closest family members back because he loved his son very very much. Soon his son recovered and went out and played hockey with his favorite hockey players, the NY Rangers. Warren had to ignore his fears and let Justin play hockey I thought that this was a very good story to show children how a family is. They are caring people and in a time of need they are there to comfort and support each other. This is an example of an ideal family .

In the year 2000, my Grandfather was in the hospital with cancer . For 17 weeks all his family members were with him while he was in Palitive Care. He had all the people in his life who loved him with...