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Mnemonics help us to remember groups of words by linking them together and

forming actual phrases or images. There are many ways people remember words or

phrases. Entertainers have to use this type of memory all the time. Actors use mnemonics

to remember their scripts. I think its amazing how any actor can remember hundreds of

lines, in just a matter of weeks. Rock stars and musicians also have a great sense of

memory. New York rapper Jay Z has somewhat mastered this art. He does not write

down any of the lyrics to his songs. He has written over seven albums without writing

any of the words down and can remember all of the lyrics to his songs.

Mnemonics are very useful when information is needed to be learned in a short

amount of time. Small commands or directions are perfect examples of when it can be

used. It is also useful when there is no other way to keep record of something.

There are

also times in which mnemonics shouldn't be used; when taking in complex information,

when there is to much information to take in or when it's coming in to fast. A perfect

example of not using mnemonics is when listening to a lecture. You have to take notes

because the information that the speaker is saying can be easily remembered through

written reference.

This article is important to the chapter because mnemonics are very useful in

remembering small bits of information. There are different techniques that can be used to

remember simple things such as directions, addresses, rhymes, lyrics, and even scripts.