Remodeling Martha Stewart

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After Martha Stewarts indictment she steeped down as Chairman and CEO of Martha Stewart Living Omni media (MSLO) and Shannon Patrick took over. For a certain amount of time things seemed as though they were getting back to normal, but problems started to get worse and she couldn?t handle the pressure as being a CEO. Stewart had someone else in mind to take over as being CEO who would be better fit to handle the position. So then the MSLO board than chose Susan Lyne as the new CEO. After the next couple of weeks started to roll by things started to look better Sears bought out Kmart and they expected her branded items to rise, in which in fact they did by 27% her stock, MSLO, went up in three weeks. So I think things were working out all for the better.

Her show The Apprentice: Martha Stewart was thought to have been a huge hit.

With having 6 million viewers it?s opening night thought to show this show might be a hit. The show was a lackluster, they dropped huge in ratings. She blamed it on several things such as the overexposure of he company as well as herself, also the competition between her Apprentice and Donald Trumps? Apprentice . Those hardships haven?t held back her bright side of situations. She sees her lackluster shows as an asset because it gives her air time for her products as well as promotion with her face on billboards and on buses is giving her more fame.

On the deal with Eddie Lampert, an investor who controls both Sears and Kmart, I?m a little skeptical because I think that they could come up with an agreement one day with certain circumstances to my understandings. In the past Sears...