Removing Tomorrow From The Schedule and The Seven Deadly Sins (2 poems)

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Removing Tomorrow From The ScheduleReminiscing upon a fast-paced dream from long agoescaping the nightmare of tomorrowin yesterday's fantasy; either direction- no reality(i fear moving on; the unknown that liesahead, and no path set before me to followanother's journey through the night with nolight from the cloud-covered moon)true beauty indistinguishable among the screamsbut each artistic description, washed awayas the storm sweeps through; tearing from me- the foundation of my life(a step back caused by small misfortunethat can only lead to a hope for time to stopand allow me a second chance; i never sawwhere my failure was leading me to)cut the calendar to pieces and leave me with todaythe single moment to always live forwake me when this ends; unable to see- refusal does not equal denial(i fear the breath of a new summer breezeupon my neck or the lapping of next week's oceanagainst my ankles; freeze the clock handsin place- today must be forever)The 7 Deadly SinsA fallen mans tendency, has now become to sin,Unleashing utter misery, from the soul deep within.

Creating a harmful threat, of eternal damnation,Once unleashed on the world there will be no salvation,For when a sin is committed, life will fall from grace,These seven deadly sins, bring terror with a trace.

Lust causes an obsession, on sexual thoughts and desire,To grasp upon ones love, of whom which they admire.

A Foolish man does not realize, that love differs from lust,By the time it's realized, woman will look with disgust.

Unfulfilled lusts, does lead one into an addiction,Rape being an outcome, for ones final conviction.

Gluttony is overindulgence, which one will consume,Enough food and drink for there stomach to balloon,Causing ones healthy body, to physically break down,This destructive behavior, could destroy an entire town.

Alcoholism, soon begins to rise, with excessive drinking,This substance abuses is moralized without one blinking.

Greed is for those who acquire more than their need,Wealth, everyone desires even if they must bleed.

Greed is known as a mortal sin against god himself,Disloyalty and betrayal begins to take over itself.

Violence, trickery and manipulation is what you consume,Deep down in your conscious these traits do loom.

Sloth is the sin of uneasiness brought to the mind,Loss of joy, happiness and love are now what you find.

Restlessness and instability soon follow within time,Looks now not respectable, as sorrow begins to climb.

Depression and sadness, leaves one in a suicidal state,Suddenly abusing ones body, finding death is now your fate.

Wrath known as anger are uncontrolled feelings of hate,The selfish sin of all comes knocking down hells gate,Revenge, Impatience, justice, discrimination and spite,Are the things this sin makes happen, with a loss of sight.

Robbing innocences, is the outcome of those who fury,Watch as things turn when you step in front of a jury.

Envy is the desire,for wanting what others do own,The punishment for the envious is to have their eyes sewn.

For wanting what they lack is also like the sin of greed,Committing this sin, is the most deadliest of all deed.

Perceiving themselves unfortunate, wanting what they can't,Someones personality or appearance, being a poisonous plant.

Pride, The most serious sin. causing one to love themselves,Failing to give compliments to those other then yourself,This the ultimate sin from which the others do arise,Planting upon someone the most perfect of all disguise,This sin pride, Caused Satan himself to fall from heaven,Now he's wrath is upon others, And this sin makes the seven.