The Renaissance

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The Renaissance The room is messy and is filled with canvases of all sorts. Most of the paintings are covered with white cloth to protect them from the sun, though there are many in the shadows that are covered as well. Some of the paintings are turned away, turned towards the wall or another canvas. They make it very tempting to walk over to them and take a look at the other side. Why is it so mysterious? Why is it all hidden? In the middle of the room stands an easel, and on it is found a large canvas with the paint still wet, meaning that the artist has not been gone very long. The piece of art is only half-done, but it is clear what the theme of the artwork is. The crisp details, the fine paintstrokes, the penciling on the canvas, they all depict a certain era, even the studies are very detailed.

On the canvas is shown the form of a mistress in pencil. The background is partially, but one can clearly see that it is a richer, more glorious version of this studio. The studio clearly shows the work of a master. One who is self-consious of the surrounding atmosphere and time he is in. He knows that he has an impact on the world that is his and that he is creating a golden age in this time-period. Each piece of artwork is masterfully painted and sculpted and designed. One feels an awe coming over oneself, a humbleness that comes from being in the presents of a master artist. One can almost hear the shouts of aggrevation and anger in the room when the subject just will not sit still. One can almost see the concentration in the eyes and hands of the artist.