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Began in the fifteenth century - a period of great social strife and turmoil, the Renaissance was a significant point in Human's history. With the surviving of the study of Latin and Greek, the beautiful art of the ancient time, the magnificent discovery in the field of Science … greatest masterpieces of arts were created and still be surviving to this day for us to enjoy. It was the time of Leonardo Da Vinci, Raphael, Michelangelo … with various sculpture, painting, scientific discovery which will be called the "magnificent time of humankind"It would be a bit misunderstanding if we just think of Renaissance was the recovery of the Classical past. Actually, what was occurred was a desire for synthesis a.k.a the recovery of the inherited past of Greece and Rome in order to ise that recovery for the needs and aspirations of the time. We can look at the picture of "Expulsion of Adam and Eve from Eden".

Lawrence in his book Culture and Values A Survey of the Humanities, described this picture as "shows not only the realism in the figures, but also a profound sense of human emotions" (282). We see the facial expression of character of the picture is detailed painted: the angry expression of the God, the shameful emotion of Eve and Adam with the gesture of them; the artist manages to show us the sense of movement and a sense of the deep psychological distress and shame of the expelled couple. That's what make differences. That's what we call the synthesis.

Moreover, with the Renaissance time which the Republican government of Florence is in control and the consciousness of the artist as an individual looking for their own personal glory , "this pursuit of glory and fame was in sharp contrast to the self-effacing...