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The Printing Press- The Renaissance starting spreading all along Europe and the Renaissance culture had to adapt to conditions such as Italy. Somewhere near the 13th century paper money and Chinese playing cards reached the West they were block printed that means that the characters were carved into wooden block, inked, and after that they would transfer it to paper. This was very time consuming and expensive. By the 15th century people were on the verge of perfecting the techniques to being able to print on metal mobile material. The first man to complete this was called Johannes Gutenberg. He devised in a combination of alloy of lead, tin and antinomy that would melt at low temperature. The mirror image of each letter instead of whole words was carved with relief on a small block. Gutenberg was trying to keep this a secret but it spread rapidly.

Humanism- Humanism is the term that was generally applied to the social philosophy, and intellectual and literary currents of the period from 1400-1650.

This caused the expansion of trade, growth of prosperity and luxury.

Greek and Roman culture- Greek and Roman culture was basically based in the Greek and roman gods. Bothe Greek and Romans have the same Gods but different names. They don't worship them the same but it's the same people. Greek and Romans would not get a long when it came to the gods. Greek and Romans wore similar clothing that consisted in wearing a robe with and sandals. Their terms of war were a lot similar to them war was really significant if your son lost a battle he was a disgrace to your family.

How did this elements contributed to our world?

Without the Print Press we wouldn't know anything about how to print or what...