The Renaissance.

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The Renaissance is known to be one of the greatest times in the history of Europe. It lasted approximately two hundred and fifty years and is still spoken about today. Great style in art was born during this period and influenced several people including the artists of today. Also, trade engaged and brought Europe numerous goods. However, what most people do not understand is what led to this magnificent era. The Renaissance began due to several factors such as the byproducts of trade, the weakening of the Catholic Church, and the rise of the urban working class in Europe.

Trade was very important to the birth of the Renaissance. Since Italy was at the southern part of Europe thrusting into the Mediterranean Sea, it was a major location for trade to occur. It linked northern Europe to the East by water and allowed goods to come into Europe. The cargo was sold to other countries and to kings, the nobility, and to merchants. This brought income to Europe. Later, textile industries began when raw wool and cloth were imported by traders. The wool was used by Italian artisans to be finished and caused Italy to become extremely wealthy. Along with trade was that the knowledge and skill of other places was shared with Italy. Several sciences and arts were becoming a part of the Italian culture such as Byzantine art. Also, writers of Europe were influenced to write different songs and poems understood by the common people. This, along with what went on with the Catholic Church, was the foundation of the Renaissance.

The decrease in power of the Catholic Church enabled people to have more control over their own lives and education. Schooling was only for the clergy until the rise in trade called...