A Renaissance Scientist - Evangelista Torricelli

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A Renaissance Scientist - Evangelista Torricelli C.A.S.

Evangelista Torricelli was born on 0ctober 15, 1608 in Faezna, Romagna (Now Italy). He grew up in a poor family and his parents were Gaspare Torricelli and Caterina Angetti. Gaspare was a textile worker. Evangelista was the oldest of three children. At a young age his parents noticed his incredible talents and, knowing they didn't have the money to give him a good education, they sent him to his uncle, who was a Camaldolese monk. Evangelista's uncle, Brother Jacopo, made sure he got a good education until he was old enough to go to Jesuit school.

Evangelista got into a Jesuit school in 1624 and studied mathematics and philosophy there until 1626. Brother Jacopo arranged for Evangelista to study with Benedetto Castelli, who was a monk that taught at the University of Sapienza in Rome. As well as being taught mathematics, mechanics, hydraulics, and astronomy by Castelli, Torricelli became his secretary and held this post from 1626 to 1632.

It was an arrangement which meant that he worked for Castelli in exchange for the tuition he received. It was clear from his letter that Torricelli was fascinated by astronomy and was a strong supporter of Galileo. He was one of Evangelista's idols. There is still a letter, in existence today, that he wrote to him.

By 1641 Evangelista had completed much of the work which he was to publish in three parts as "Opera geometrica" in 1644. In April 1641 Castelli traveled from Rome to Venice and, on the way, stopped in Arcetri to give Galileo a copy of Evangelista's manuscript and ask that he give him a job as an assistant. Galileo wanted

Evangelistas assistance. At this time Evangelistas mother died so he held off on the trip to Galileo's for...