Renaissance - A unique development in the European History

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Renaissance was a period of great cultural and artistic achievements based on the revival of study of classical civilizations. It was a new development, strikingly different from the preceding Middle Ages. Renaissance changed many aspects of European society. New inventions, political theories and arts brought a real break through from the Middle Ages. The medieval concerns differed from Renaissance in many ways. They were worried about safety, protection of land, maintance of power, social order, religion, afterlife and fear of unknown. The Renaissance individual was more concerned with materialism, wealth, secular world where religion and state were separated and social mobility.

There were a lot of social changes. Education was one of the most important Renaissance values. According to Castiglione, the Renaissance man had to be educated, have a broad background in many academic subjects and be intellectually, spiritually and physically capable. The Renaissance man was more concerned with individualism, humanism, liberal arts and rationalism as opposed to the medieval man.

This period was the time of rebirth of study of classics and ideas associated with Greco - Roman culture. The "new" art was very different from the Middle Ages. It focused more on secular world rather then religion although there are a lot of Renaissance paintings that are using the religious theme. The Renaissance artists showed a great knowledge of human anatomy, perspective, scale and proportion therefore the painting looked more realistic. The art also reflected the Renaissance values. For example, in the painting of Rafael Sanzio, The School of Athens, it clearly shows the idea of individualism, because the faces of each person in the picture are different and the use of colors makes it look real and not drab. The patronage of art expended during the Renaissance, because the painting were the means of...