Renaissance Vs. Baroque

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RENAISSANCE vs. BAROQUE Two favourite cities of history, Florence and Rome gave birth to two major artistic movements, Renaissance and Baroque through 15 and 16 centuries. These movements followed a path from nationalism to internationalism; from scientific facts to illusions ,from 2D viewpoint to 3D perspective and many other improvements . This essay will focus on these paths of similarities and differences of the two eras in terms of art, sculpture and architecture.

Renaissance is the movement that took place within the ideologies of humanism and individualism. Humanism , due to the fact that it placed the human at the center of the universe, resulted with a reform in art and arthitecture. A new interest in humanity, ordinary life, literature and painting helped the liberation of the society. This achievement broked up the dogmas of the church and gave opportunities to individuals and variety of forms and images. It can be also said that , it brought the classical values back which were nearly forgotten after the Gothic period.

The first painter of Renaissance, Masaccio give start to this period and formed the first advances in Renaissance. Therefore his style of art and arthitecture formed the first features of the Renaissance period. Later on his followers have signed the most favorable masterpieces of the Renaissance period. Leonardo, Michelangelo, Raphael were three of those.

Renaissance was a national style. It had impacts on the people of Italy. It did not spread to other countries , therefore it was local. Within this local frames, Leonardo was one of the great artists. He was interested in anatomy and several other sciences. His scientific curiosity and his interst in the actual world had impacts on his drawings. One of his paintings, ?The Virgin Marry and Child with St. Anne? is an example in...