ReNew You! Studying the Challenges of a Start-up Nonprofit Organization

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Running Head: ReNew You!

ReNew You!

Studying the Challenges of a Start-up Nonprofit Organization






Starting a nonprofit organization in the US, under Section 501(c) 3 is a worthy endeavour but can be difficult. However, effective management of key design and management stages can ensure that the NPO is built upon a solid strategic foundation. Social marketing allows an NPO to portray its benefits in the perspective of its donors, while a volunteer-oriented volunteer program matches specific needs to volunteer abilities. Regular evaluations of the programs ensure that operational programs are well-designed. Financial resources can be built through targeting corporate donors for in-kind donations, thus reducing the costs of fundraising. It can also be developed through enterprise strategies. Finally, the effective management of human capital by through recruitment and retention strategies of volunteers and paid staff ensures that internal operations generate value.�

There are many challenges facing a nonprofit. One of these is to successfully enter the market as a trustworthy recipient, manager and distributor of donations and endowments. This research paper will address this issue by examining the start-up strategies that must be undertaken by a nonprofit. For the purposes of this discussion, the nonprofit to be used is an organization that collects and re-distributes pre-owned clothing. The management areas under discussion are operations, financial resources and human resources.


To set the fictitious organization into context, a brief summary of its business model will be outlined here. ReNew You! (ReNew) is a charitable organization that collects pre-owned clothing from New Yorkers and then redistributes it among the many needy. Among New York City's (NYC) 8 million plus residents, 19.2% live in poverty (2006) (New York Times, 2007). ReNew is a non-profit organization (NPO) dedicated to creating...