Renn Zaphiropoulos case. Which is Renn's leadership/management style?

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1. Which is Renn leadership/management style?

Renn has used an affiliative management style with his employees, with a high level of structural and social behaviour. His social behaviour is expressed in a highly personalized approach to his employees by opening communication without accenting statuses and titles, maintaining personal relationships with all his employees and giving high level of liberty and independence to his employees so they could define necessary measures and actions by themselves to fulfil the goals set. His structural behaviour is expressed by fixing clear goals and being result-oriented.

2. How does he do to influence and persuade people?

Renn's main method of influencing people is to put them in such frameworks and under such conditions, where they can function autonomously and efficiently. He neglects commanding style of management and make his best efforts to create the harmony between employees by communicating with them personally and providing maximum support and motivation and strengthening connections between people from different departments and functional areas of the organization.

Being "personable" with his employees he inspires people with trust and makes them follow him without forcing or commanding them.

3. What is he trying to achieve?

His main task is to create a management system which will function almost autonomously and all employees will aim to achieve common goals of the company without special control actions taken by the management. Open communication between the employees of all levels and functional areas is a must, which will allow reducing number of potential conflicts in the organization, as all employees will work towards achieving the same strategic targets and will be able to talk about their problems and doubts whenever they appear.

4. What makes him successful?

His main traits as a leader and as a person - energetic, enthusiastic, open,