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June 5, 2012

Renaissance Clothing

How Did Clothing Indicate Social Class During the Renaissance?

During the renaissance clothing represented what social class you were in because it was all about showing off your wealth. The French, German, and Italian styles all had an influence on Europe's clothing. The wealthy used clothing to display how wealthy they were and they set the fashion trends that were to be followed. Several different fashions took place during the Renaissance because the clothing styles ranged from the wealthiest class to the peasants and the lower classes.

Wealthy people in higher classes often wore silk, velvet, cotton, and brocade. Cotton was only valuable to wealthy people because it was hard to come by. Fur was very popular for the people who could afford it and was it was used to line the inside of clothing. Dark colors were used to show off the jewels and embroidery sewn into the fabrics.

The wealthy used clothing for style and the purpose was not important.

People in lower classes wore plain and simple clothing. They often tried to copy the styles worn by the wealthy. One of the recognizable styles worn by commoners was a method called "slashing". Long slits were cut into the fabric of the garments worn on top then the under garment fabrics were puffed through the slits. The style came about when there was a rule made that did not allow peasants to wear more than one color at a time. Only the higher classes were allowed to wear multiple colors. Rebellious people who did not agree with the rule began the "slashing" fashion trend. This style became a very popular fashion during Renaissance.

Clothing worn during the Renaissance created the social classes. Wealthy people did their best...