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Overview of destination.

Nevada :

*Nevada is one of the "Mountain States" of the U.S.A. it is bounded on the north by Oregon and Idaho, on the east by Utah and Arizona and on the southwest and west by California. Traditionally, Nevada was known for its mineral wealth hence its subtitle "the silver state". The state takes its name from the Sierra Nevada, meaning, "snow covered "

Nevada is the seventh largest state in the union with an area of 110,568.sq.miles

82.9% of the land is federally owned and almost all of Nevada lies within what is called the Great Basin region.

The topography of this region is characterised by numerous mountain ranges, prominent among these are the Humboult, Shoshone, Monitor and Schell creek ranges. The average elevation in Nevada is 5,500 feet.


Mining was the traditional cornerstone of the Nevada economy. Silver and Gold mining were once the main contribution to the state economy, with cattle and livestock secondary contributors.

The legalisation of gambling in the early 1930's changed the focus of Nevada's traditional industries to the growth in tourism and entertainment.

The most current figures available show that the total tourism value to the state economy was over 22,434 million dollars. Of this 2,865.2 million was generated by overseas visitors. the remainder was domestically (U.S.) generated. The major overseas markets were Japan and the U.K.

Nevada ranks 6th overall for domestic and international expenditure when compared to the rest of the U.S.

Tourism dominates Nevada Economy. The tax take on tourism related activities, including gambling, supply more than half the states revenue.


The principle attractions in Nevada are:

*The Casinos and resort hotels of Las Vegas and Reno.

*The natural attractions of lake Tahoe, Boulder canyon, and their related sports activities. (Skiing/ winter sports and water...