"RENT" This is a deep reflection on the play and movie rent.

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Is it possible for two ex lovers to have a strictly platonic friendship prior to their relationship? Do the emotions of love, jealousy, and infatuation between a pair ever completely depart from both parties in the relationship? There are a few instances in the musical Rent within different relationships where this question may be considered. The relationships between Roger and Mimi and between Mark and Maureen are the two main relationships that pertain to this question. In both cases, the couples break up or are broken up during the course of the musical, but they are still involved in each other's lives. It is hard for them not to hold on to some sort of connection with each other. In both instances, the couples are all involved with and in the same circle of friends. The examples of these various relationships in Rent suggest that it is not possible for an ex couple to have a completely "normal" friendship when romance is involved in their pasts.

It is clear through out the play that the characters of Maureen and Mark used to have a serious relationship until Maureen left Mark for another woman named Joanne. During the course of the musical Maureen and Mark appear to be strictly friends. However, it seems that Maureen was able to let go of Mark as her "boyfriend" and still hold a friendly relationship while Mark is still attached to what he and Maureen used to share. It could be argued that Mark genuinely treats Maureen like this because he enjoys her company, but then one can wonder why Mark hasn't even considered looking for another relationship. As Roger points out, "Mark hides in his work" because he doesn't want to face his loneliness and his failure. It seems as though Mark cannot fully...