Repairing Jobs That fail to Satisfy

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1. Introduction

Analysis of the article, we have a certain understanding of the Repairing Jobs That fail to Satisfy. The report focuses on how DrainFlow can improve in three areas: job structure, incentive structure, and hiring practices. The main contents include an introduction to the problems DrainFlow is encountering, analyses of the current business, and recommendations on how DrainFlow can overcome these issues to foster a long-term competitive advantage. Goal and Recommendations The goal of this proposal is to provide recommendations for a new job structure, a new incentive structure, and new hiring practices. The job structure recommendations will allow for more cross training between office workers and service providers. This will enrich all jobs at DrainFlow by adding different tasks, autonomy, and feedback. The new incentive structure will allow for flexible benefits and recognition. This is designed to motivate employees and improve customer service. Lastly, the new hiring practices will provide a repeatable solution for finding a cohesive set of new employees.

2. Satisfaction

The job characteristics model offers such a framework. It identifies five primary job characteristics, interrelationship, and impact on employee productivity, motivation, and satisfaction. (Hakman, Lawler, 1994)

The present system of job design may be contribution to employee dissatisfaction; the most important reason is from the interrelationship, according the figure from the essay, we can know the lowest satisfaction parts are the interactions with the employees' supervisor and the company asked them to do the work. Therefore, after our group analysis we think the important with employees' dissatisfaction of reasons are the interactions and motivation problems. Frome the essay we know DrainFlow company's employees working in four basic jobs categories, plumbers, plumber's assistants, order processors, and bulling representatives.

That is a very good team to make the response with customer's demand, all the works division very...