Reparation Of Slavery

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Reparation for slavery: right or wrong? Is reparation for slavery right or wrong? Many people now still do not know what reparation of slavery is. In recent years, Holocaust victims, World War II-era Japanese-Americans and Aboriginal groups in Australia and New Zealand have all been successful in extracting compensation from governments and corporations for the legal and moral wrongs committed against them. Are the families of America's slaves any less deserving of repayment? What many African Americans want, of course, is not an official apology for slavery but the payment of massive reparations to today's black community. In the 1950s and 1960s, the reparation movement was manifested as the Republic of New Africa, led by Audely "Queen Mother" Moore and the former fugitive Robert William. There are many people who agree with the fact that reparation of slavery is wrong and should never be done and there are people who believe that it has to be done because of all the pain and sorrows many African Americans have gone through.

David Horowitz, the President of the Center for the Study of Popular Culture and a best-selling author and editor, believes that reparations to black Americans for the damages of slavery and segregation are wrong. While on the other hand Randall Robinson, also a best-selling author believes that reparations to black Americans are right. Now the question is, is it right or is it wrong? Randall Robinson is correct about his views of it. Reparations for slavery is the right and should definitely been done.

David Horowitz view for the reparation of slavery is that it is factually tendentious, morally incoherent and racially incendiary. He believes that if the reparation idea continues to gain traction, the effects of it will be to strengthen ethnic antagonism and create new...