Reparations For Aboriginal Peoples

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Francesco Aiello



18 January, 2014

Reparations For Aboriginal Peoples

For over a hundred years until 1980 superpowers such as Germany, China, Australia, and even the United States targeted and sterilized groups of people with less desirable genetic traits (Eugenics). Australia targeted the Aborigines. They stole children from their parents and re-educated to make them white because they believed they were an inferior race. The Aborigines should be compensated for all they suffered over eighty years (Stolen Generations).

The Europeans originally had good intentions (Why Were Children Removed?). They were genuinely trying to help the Aborigines. The government was even providing reserves for them. They began to steal and relocate children, but their intentions were not all bad. Children were often neglected and abused by parents, and clan leaders. In some rare cases the families thought it would be a better life for them. They did originally have good intentions however these quickly evolved into their more sinister motives.

The reserves soon became over-crowded and as a result the government's money to put into the reservations was running dry. They decided that a solution was to remove children from their families and 'socialize' them into being 'white'. Their plan was to introduce them into the European society, so they would not qualify for the reserves. They also took children due to the fact they believed the parents were unable to properly take care of their children.

The socialization was taken one step further in the late 1920s when "the indigenous 'protector', A. O. Neville, thought the race should be bred into extinction." . A. O. Neville was a eugenics."Neville believed that the biological assimilation could possibly be done by separating the indigenous from one another and forcing them to reproduce with Europeans." He said, " ( eventually...