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To : Mr. ......, Buying Manager

From: Date: 31st March 2006

Lightweight batteriessuppliers

As requested by the Buying Manager on 10th March 2006, I have investigated the problem which has been raised concerning lightweight batteries suppliers. A survey of supplying batteries market has been made during the last two weeks. Meeting was held to dicuss what could be done, and we have finally selected four capable suppliers: Artemis, Rex et Cie, Dale&Sons and Arcolite - our old supplier. Certificates from our lap show that their products are all in good quality. Details about them are as follow:

1. rtemis supplier can supply the product at 15% less than Arcolite's. Their products are available now from stock.

2. Rex et Cie can supply product at 10% lower than Arcolite's price. In addition, we have had a good relationship with them. Mr. Jacques Roget is always willing to assist us.

3. Price of Dale&Sons is at 10% less than Arcolite's. Moreover, they are tooling up for production.

4. Arcolite agrees to drop their price to the same level as Rex et Cie.

In my opinion, we should carry out the following actions:

- Accept all the four suppliers.

- Negotiate with Arcolite to reduce the price to the same level of other suppliers.

- Negotiate with Artemis, Rex et Cie and Dale&Sons for the fixed delivery terms, payment terms, ...

Please find enclosed the certificates from our lab for the products of Artemis, Rex et Cie and Dale&Sons.

I am looking forward to your advice. If you need any further information, please let me know.

Your sincerely,