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Establishing a travel card company in Australia

Executive summary

Beijing travel card limited company is a Chinese famous company producing and selling travel cards to citizens and tourists. Recently, a group of Sydney government officials have interested in establishing a travel card company in Australia in order to expand its business in the global market. However, the officials consider that there may be a number of barriers relates to cross-cultural issues. This report describes potential cross-cultural issues, and gives suggestions on how these issues could be solved.

Different national cultures between Australia and China may create issues about travel card, such as ready-made product, travel card recharging and recycling. Moreover, DIY services and company location are also the issues caused by cross-cultures. Based on these issues, recommendations are made below.

English should be required for Chinese experts.

Large corporations or organizations should become sponsors.

The shape of travel card should be unified.

Special colours need to be provided by the company

Deposit fee should be used to ensure the integrity of the card.

A recharging station should be opened on weekends, but the opening hours may be reduced.

A process of card recycling may be a new tourism spot to compensate for recycling costs.

Transfer train stations should become travel cards recharging stations.

A counselor should be considered as a conciliator to avoid conflicts between Chinese manager and employees.


Background to the project

Beijing travel card limited company was founded in 2000 and a core competency of the company is to produce and sell travel cards to citizens and tourists. (Beijing Superpass Limited Company, n.d.). Travel card is an uniform card to pay for all kinds of transaction cost, which uses advanced computer network, automatic control, information processing, communication and other technology in an integrated circuit(IC) card, which can...