Report Of The Alarm Clock 'I-Time'

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1.0 Executive Summary

The first part of this report is the introduction, which explains on the purpose of preparing this report and to find a suitable target market for the new-age alarm clock in Malaysia. In this section, it gives a clear view on the market situation of alarm clock in Malaysia and a brief background on the new alarm clock brand called I-Time. Later, it gives a brief view on I-Time's targeting process.

The second section shows the marketing proposal of I-Time. First of all, demographic and psychographic segmentation is chosen to segment the target market for I-Time. In demographic base, income occupation and age variable is chosen. Meanwhile, in psychographic base, personality characteristic and socioeconomic status variable is chosen. Then, the evaluation of I-Time's target market is base on the size, growth, market attractiveness and the comparability with I-Time's resources and objectives. A suitable positioning strategy is chosen.

Finally, the price of I-Time is being set

The third section is the conclusion of the whole report. In this section, it describes the important of I-Time to have a targeting process. Then, it emphasis that a detail study and interpretation of the situation in the Malaysian market is important to ensure the marketing steps are accomplished.

In the final section, recommendations are being included. It recommends that I-Time should adopt concentrated market-coverage strategy, as I-Time is a new company with fewer advantages over its existing and non-existing competitors. Before any decision is done, it is crucial to begin with the targeting process.


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1.0 Executive Summary 1

2.0 Content 2

3.0 Introduction 3

3.1 The Market Situation in Malaysia 3

3.2 I-Time 3

3.3 Why 'I-Time'? 4

3.4 Targeting Potential Customers 4

4.0 I-Time Marketing Proposal 5

4.1 Segmenting the Market 5

4.1.1 Demographic...