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The city that I chose to do this project on is Amberg, Germany. I chose this city because I am interested in rural Germany. I want to learn about Amberg's past and the architectural buildings and their history.


The population of Amberg is currently 44 112 people.


Amberg is situated on the edge of the Franconian Jura on the banks of the Vils River. It is near Nürnberg and Bayreuth in eastern Germany near the Czech Republic. Its longitude is 11.86222 and its latitude is 49.44139.

Geographical features and waterways

The town consists of both an inner "old town" and the new town surrounding it. From above, the inner town looks like a lopsided circle or an egg. The Vils River runs directly through the town and creates a place for the "town spectacles".

Symbol of city and significance

The symbol of Amberg is the "town spectacles", a bridge over the Vils River which has two semicircles and the water reflects these semicircles to create the image of two full circles.

This forms the shape of glasses or spectacles, hence the name "town spectacles".

Crest of city and significance

The crest of Amberg is checkered diagonally with alternating blue and white colours on the top. The bottom half has a gold lion surrounded by black. This crest was in possession of the Wittelsbach family and made in the fourteenth century.

Historical Features

The city was first mentioned in 1034 by the name of Ammenberg. The town was officially founded in 1269 by the Wittelsbach dynasty.

Important Events

In 1269 the town became part of Bamberg. Bamberg was a subordinate of the Wittelsbach dynasty which ruled Bavaria. Also in 1269, the "Old Fortress" was built in the name of Duke Ludwig II.

In 1633 the plague raged...