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"Asia", a yearning name for lots of the business people in the west, in their eyes, it is really a good place for doing business because of its large population and consequently the potential market and cheaper labor force. In the earlier years, some economists even thought that the 21st century would be the Century of Asia. On the other hand, however, the unpredictable political events and social conditions frightened a lot of business man in some measure. To be a successful business man, you must gaze at everything happened in the place, update your knowledge from time to time and make your next business decision wisely.

Let's now take a brief view of what had happened in the past year. We make them into 3 categories: political events, social events and economic events, in order to analyze them respectively.


ƒÞDanger in Indonesia

Indonesia's President Megawati Sukarnoputri is in trouble.

She has yet to come to grips with the internal conflicts, widespread crime and endemic corruption in which Indonesia is mired. Her government is suffering from 'policy paralysis'. Meanwhile, some retired generals play politics discreetly 'in the interests of national stability' while others benefit from corrupt practices.

ƒÞ"Liberal wins South Korean presidency"

South Korea has elected Roh Moo-hyun as its new president. Roh , a liberal politician who supports moderation and the status quo in dealing with North Korea, beat out his rival Lee Hoi-chang by only a couple of percentage points. Mr. Lee proposed a harsher response to North Korea, and had proposed that dialogue between the two countries be suspended until the North's nuclear program is halted. Voter turnout, at 71% to 73% of the population, was at an all time low. President Kim Dae Jung, who had attained his maximum term in office, will...