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Slavery, the civil rights movement, and racial discrimination are just a few of the many historical changing events that Miss Jane Pittman experiences in Ernest J. Gaines, "The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman". The story of Miss Jane Pittman is an extraordinary one as she tells her life story and all the life changing events that she encounters. Even though this book is a novel, readers actually feel like they are reading an autobiography due to the techniques Gaines uses to make her seem real. There are four methods of characterization. They are the characters own words, how the character looks, what others say about the character, and how others behave towards the character. The three methods of characterization that Gaines uses to create the believable character Miss Jane Pittman are her own words, how others behave towards her, and what others say about her.

Miss Jane's own words are one of the ways Gaines characterizes her to make her seem real.

Her own words show her personality and many of her character traits. For example, when Ned and Jane encounter the white lady that wants them to come home with her, Jane denies the woman her offer, "'Me and this little boy started out for Ohio, and we going to Ohio.'"(30). Even though Jane never makes it to Ohio, this shows her determination and how she wants to do what she set out to do. Another example that shows Miss Jane's strong headiness is when Corporal Brown changes her name from Ticey to Jane Brown, "'You called me Ticey. My name ain't no Ticey no more, it's Miss Jane Brown.'"(9). This quote also represents a way of Miss Jane breaking her bonds of slavery by changing her name from a slave name to a white persons...