This report is on the book "Snow" written by Caroline B. Cooney.

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Snow is one of the greatest books I've ever read. Caroline B. Cooney, the author of the book, is very creative and compassionate. The author wanted to make a suspension thriller that would grasp the reader. This book is one of three books in the Loosing Christina series. This is the second book. The first book is Fog and the third book is Fire. All of the books in the series were originally titled with "the" at the beginning of the title.

As said this book is the sequel to Fog. It takes place at the same location as the last book. It takes place on mainland Maine. This time it is winter instead of the first part of school. This is after the time where Christina was afraid of the Shevvingtons. Now the book is telling a story about how Christina is fighting back. This is also supposed to be Christina's favorite season.

The theme of this book is how Christina Romney is surviving in a new home. Someone is trying to kill her. They are trying to make her kill herself. They've succeeded before. So it's like "Poltergeist" the movie. You know the movie where the house is haunted and kills people undetected. It's a really cool and scary.

The main character is Christina Romney. She has to board in a house with other students past the elementary school level. She is from an island off the coast of Maine. She comes with three other people. Anya, Michael, and Benj. Later on Dolly comes from the island. Christina is the strongest of them all Anya and Dolly are empty; they have been gotten by the Shevvingtons. The Shevvingtons are two old people who host the school boarders. They also work at the school the boarders go...