Report on "Computer Games and Society"

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Report on "Computer Games & Society"

Since games developed violence started increasing. Playing violent video games like Doom, Wolfe stein 3D or Mortal Combat can increase a person's aggressive thoughts, feelings and behaviour both in laboratory settings and in actual life. These kinds of violent games can affect the person's behaviour. Children could be affected negatively by violence computer games or other video games. One of the dangerous affect is aggression. Violence in games is a disease, that no player could get out of it unless he/she stop playing violent games. However, the aggression does go away with time when the exposure is removed.

Many parents are concerned about their children .They notices the changes on their child before and after playing a violent game. One of the kids that I know is 10 years old. When he plays games, he sits for hours playing them, and after he finishes, he goes to his mom and tell her what happen in the game, and starts acts like the characters in the game.

Theses violent games, has two kind of affects, short-term affect, and long-term affect. These affects are caused depending on how many hours does the player play each day or each week. In the United States a range of psychologists have tried to describe the 'effects' of playing violent games by experiments. It has proven difficult to design laboratory experiments that provide solid knowledge about long-term effects of computer games

Now days, computer and video games are getting upgraded more and more, year after year. Games are becoming more realistic, and that is what players like now days. Violence in games are becoming more realistic too. The way the gun is designed and the way the blood and killing other characters is like what happened in a real...